Trilingual micro-nursery in Lorraine, France
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Trilingual micro-nursery in Lorraine, France

Hola Baby : Immersing your children in languages from an early age.

Since September 4th 2014, Mrs Muller has wide opened the doors of Hola Baby in Terville, Moselle, France, to little kids in order to let them learn different languages from an early age.

Thanks to many years working on it, having a master degree level in foreign languages (English and Spanish), and a time living in Spain, she decided to open a trilingual micro-nursery.

1st in the Grand Est region and the 3rd in France, our company has 3 micro-nurseries:

  • Hola Baby
  • Hola Baby Twin
  • Hola Baby 3

It is in an exceptional setting that our qualified team receives your children to ensure their development and their fulfillment.

Our micro-nurseries are open from Monday to Friday, from 6am to 8pm.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, from 9am to 2pm.

Hola Baby adopts an innovative concept to immerse your children in languages.

Our concept

Attention! We don't practice an initiation!! Meaning on a defined time, such as 1 hour or 20 minutes to teach the children, because this learning concept for the youngest doesn't work.

Indeed, they are not receptive to lessons and can not understand: "In English, this word is said<>", because they re even not aware that they speak "French".

Immersion at Hola Baby is totally different, because children don't need to understand that another language, exists, they don't need teaching lessons as we know, they are just having days with full English or Spanish activities thanks to bilingual/trilingual staff.

French is used during nap times and meals, and it is more naturel for them. Results are much better because they record things better this way.

We must specify that these two languages are practiced every day. There is no confusion for the children because until the age of 7, they are able to absorb up to 5 languages at the same time, in addition of their mother tongue.

Hola Baby is a trilingual micro-nursery, French-english-spanish,that let the children discover and learn two other languages and cultures, with the aim to open their mind, and above all to let them speak from their early age in another language. English-speaking, Spanish-speaking, or bilingual/trilingual educators (with a diploma of early childhood) are in the supervision staff. We need to specify that the way we teach the languages to the children is characteristic to Hola Baby, which is registered trademark, as well as the concept.

The création of Hola Baby was originally made with the idea of immersion and it is the element that distinguishes us from other companies. Dear parents, the distinction between initiation and bilinguism/trilinguism is very important when you try to find a childhood care that propose foreign languages. Be careful and don't be fooled by beautiful words.

We are the only trilingual micro-nursery group in the Grand Est région and the 3rd of France.

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